About the Vacation Rental Association

VRAI is a Not-for-Profit trade association started by owners, mangers, website publishers and other suppliers involved in the vacation rental industry. Frustrated by the lack of information and resources for the industry they felt it was time to see if others would join with us to foster and grow the industry.

VRAI was the first Vacation Rental Association and its mission to provide information, tools and support for the vacation rental industry and to provide a place where owners can help everyone involved. We're a place for people to get together for cooperation and mutual benefit.

Industry associations are nothing new. But until VRAI there wasn't a single place where the industry could meet and talk and share. Surely, if every established industry accepts the necessity to cooperate for mutual gain then it was high time for vacation rental owners to organize.

Whether called Vacation Rentals, holiday-lets, cottage rentals or guest houses, short-stay private home rentals have been a trusted and preferred part of the lodging market in one form or another for centuries.

Originally formed as the Vacation Rental Owners Association (VROA), the group has expanded to include participants from every aspect of the industry including managers, website publishers and other suppliers.

Today, Vacation Rentals are growing fast and with that comes opportunities and challenges. The best way, in fact the only way, to insure the industries future is to band together. So you are invited to join and participate and enjoy. We need your help. And if, at any time, you have questions please contact us first.

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  • VRAI is a not-for-profit organization, formed under the laws of the State of Washington USA, State UBI License # 602 923 493.